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iPhone 11

iPhone 11

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iPhone 11 repair from ThePhoneLab

Has your iPhone 11 not been working optimally for a while or is your iPhone 11 broken? Then you want to have your iPhone 11 repaired quickly. We understand that very well at ThePhoneLab. You can contact us in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht for a quick iPhone 11 repair that you can plan online. Many people are afraid that they have to pay the top price for a fast and good repair service. This is not the case with ThePhoneLab. Unlike many other iPhone 11 repair services, we are transparent in our prices. In our webshop you can immediately see what the repair of your iPhone will cost. This way you will not be faced with surprises, but so nice!

The different types of iPhone 11 repairs

Having your iPhone 11 device repaired quickly is one thing, if the repair service is also fast, it is of course extra nice. We can fix most iPhone 11 repairs within 30 minutes. Enjoy a cup of coffee in one of our shops, read a magazine and before you know it you’ll be outside with a repaired iPhone 11. In addition, you can also contact our Apple iPhone experts for an iPhone repair if you don’t know what’s going on. the hand is with your device. You then schedule a ‘diagnosis’ appointment with us. Our Apple iPhone experts will then find out what’s going on with your iPhone 11.

Originele onderdelen

Alle zaken worden door experts gecontroleerd en originele onderdelen worden gebruikt.

The best service, always low price

Alle onderdelenprijzen worden zo laag mogelijk in rekening gebracht, aangezien dit op de markt kan worden gebaseerd.

Get & Bring service

Het apparaat wordt zo snel mogelijk opgehaald en afgeleverd, het kan minder dan 30 minuten duren.